Killian of The Adventure Zone

Killian is with out a doubt one of the cooler NPC's of the Adventure Zone campaign. She's been around since the very first story arc and anytime she shows up again it makes me happy. I've also been trying to figure out a better way to show the process without making a video thats 20 minutes long. As it is right now this timelapse video is between 1% and 3% of the actual video length, and thats only the ink and color part. I've got to work all that out. But until I do enjoy the Killian art and be sure to check out The Adventure Zone podcast!

My BFF Ness

Did an illustration based on one of my favorite games Earthbound. I had fun drawing this and pretending like Ness and I get to hang out like best buds. I also recorded some of the process and have a timelapse video of that for everyone to check out.