Stop what you are doing and save

I made this as a reminder to myself, and any others who may come across it, to save and save often. There have been so many times where I'll be working for hours on end only to have my program crash on me, and unfortunately most of the time I am so "in the zone" that i forget to save. Hours of work can vanish is just seconds. So what I'll do now is print this out, set it next to my desk, and any time  I look at it I'm going to click that save button.

Retro gaming

This weekend I took the time to set up all of my retro consoles to my current entertainment center. So to show my excitement I drew this! This is also my first time using the animation feature in Photoshop. The process can be a little annoying for someone who is used to working in Flash, but being able to use Photoshop brushed sure does help things look nicer. Go ahead and take a guess at which game that might be.

New site. New Blog.

I'm changing the things work on the site just a bit. First off I'm taking the blog off of the front page and replacing it with a demo reel and contact information. I figured most people coming to my site are coming here for that, and if they're interested then can click around to see more stuff. Also I tried importing my old blog posts and they didn't come in correctly, so I'll either reformat them and put them in later or they'll just stay gone FOREVER! Let's see how things go.