All Hope is lost

I've wanted to draw something like this for a long time now. Samus is one of my favorite video game heroes, and I wanted to draw something that showed how screwed the universe would be with out her.

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Drawing Live stream

I plan on drawing for most of the day today, so come check it out.

Watch live streaming video from ochorobo at



Happy birthday to me!

It was my birthday yesterday! YAY I'm old now! A bunch of people on my facebook page wished me a happy birthday and I made this for all of them to say thank you


The Uber Saiyan

Last night I drew a picture of my friend Rachel as a german super saiyan. Why? Because it makes me laugh.

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Back online!

Good news! The site is back up. I Took it down this morning to clean some things up and move some things around. Everything should still be where it was more or less. I lost all of the blog entries but they were really only updates for animation or illustration work which are still on the site. But if you do notice something else missing let me know. I'll slowly be tweaking some more stuff here and there on the site so keep an eye out for that. Oh and why don't you check out the new demo reel while you're at it.