Bad Dudes

I decided to do some branding for my group of gaming buddies. We've been calling ourselves Bad Dudes because we tend to either be really good or really bad. The name works both ways. I started Illustrating a logo and then liked it so much that i needed to see what it looked like animated. Both versions are below.

BadDudes Logo_CC.png

Bootleg game cartridges

These games are totally fake and you'll never be able to buy them... Or will you? A couple months back I wanted to take a stab at creating some label art for various nintendo systems for games that never existed. I really like how they turned out so now I think I may get them turned into stickers. If you like them let me know what you think and maybe i'll make some more!

Pokemon Go Cartridges

A few weeks ago when everyone was going crazy over Pokemon Go (and some people still are) I went ahead and made mockup versions of what the Gameboy cartridges (special edition sparkle cartridges of course) would have looked like for all three teams. The condition of the cartridge is also meant to represent how each team leader would have taken care of their gameboy games. The Mystic cartridge is in mint condition, the Valor cartridge has some slight wear and tear, and the Instinct cartridge... well... I think we can all agree that Spark is one of those kids.


Killian of The Adventure Zone

Killian is with out a doubt one of the cooler NPC's of the Adventure Zone campaign. She's been around since the very first story arc and anytime she shows up again it makes me happy. I've also been trying to figure out a better way to show the process without making a video thats 20 minutes long. As it is right now this timelapse video is between 1% and 3% of the actual video length, and thats only the ink and color part. I've got to work all that out. But until I do enjoy the Killian art and be sure to check out The Adventure Zone podcast!

My BFF Ness

Did an illustration based on one of my favorite games Earthbound. I had fun drawing this and pretending like Ness and I get to hang out like best buds. I also recorded some of the process and have a timelapse video of that for everyone to check out.

More from The Adventure Zone

I try to keep up with the podcast and do at least one character every other week. Last week I cranked out Davenport, everyone's favorite little gnome butler. This was also the first time i tried doing a timelapse video of some of the process. You can see how I inked and colored it in the video below.


The Adventure Zone

Adventure awaits in The Adventure Zone. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about let me explain. The voices behind one of my favorite podcasts, My Brother My Brother and Me (I animated a segment of the show a while back and you can find that here), have branched out and started building the foundation for their podcasting empire. You can find a list of all of their shows at, but of all of the new shows they have started the one I have fallen head over heels in love with is The Adventure Zone. Its a podcast about the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game, wait wait wait... don't leave. Trust me. Growing up I've heard of people playing Dungeons and Dragons but never really got interested enough to check it out. I had always figured it just "wasn't for me". I have never been more wrong in my life. 

The podcast comes out bi-weekly and after each episode I find myself wishing i could go into hibernation for a week until the next one is out. Unfortunately since erasing a seven days of my life every other week isn't a thing I can do (yet!) I've been filling the void listening to old episodes and drawing some of my favorite characters. I started doing this back in January and if my schedule allows it I'd like to keep doing it in the future. So far I've drawn the main cast Magnus, Merle, and Takko, as well as some other important story characters like The director and Angus. I need to get around to doing some fan favorite side characters like Killian, Johan, Hurley & Sloane, and who knows maybe even some of the enemy monsters eventually.

This show is something that I love very much. Not only is it a great show to listen to, but its made me really want to get a group of friends together and give Dungeons and Dragons a shot. Anyone reading this who isn't already on the bandwagon, please jump on we are having a lot of fun over here.




Angus boy detective

The Director


Super Mario Maker

For those of you who are unaware earlier this month Nintendo released a game called Super Mario Maker. Its a game that basically gives you a bunch of elements from different Mario games and lets you create your own levels. Its like a childhood dream come true. I've made a few levels and I created some images to share these levels with anyone else who wants to try them. So if you have the game give it a shot! And If you don't have the game... what are you waiting for go out and buy it right now!

Meet Clementine

This is a character from my upcoming project Apples and Oranges. As of right now, the way she is written, she is my favorite character. Once I get an episode out hopefully everyone will see why I find her so charming, but for now you'll just have to wait and see!